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I am Pasqualina, aka Pasly and this is my vision of the jewel.

As a child I loved to observe, try and study the jewels that my grandmother kept in her jewelry box. This is how my interest in the world of jewelry began, I first became a goldsmith master and then a goldsmith engineer. For some time, however, I have been implementing a revolution: generating gentle beauty to wear. Thanks also to my victory  Thus began at the Green Oscars for innovation in agriculture a new profession, previously not present in the Italian panorama, that of the agridesigner. I have combined experiences, skills and attention to the earth, because for me nothing is more precious than mother nature.

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Today for love I find myself divided between Piedmont and Calabria, where my business is based and where everything was born. Always itinerant, citizen of the world and of the opportunities it can offer, I set no limits, on the contrary I let myself be contaminated by everything that I live and surrounds me. This is how the best inspirations are born that give life to an eclectic and refined style often linked to my roots. With this spirit and thanks to the chance meeting with Marta Marzotto, an incredible woman who left a deep mark, the name of my brand, Pasly, was also born.


Since then, many collaborations, awards, acknowledgments received, as well as many articles and interviews dedicated to my new vision of jewelry,  which focuses on quality and design typical of our made in Italy and, as I like to say, of made in the south.

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